Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Truth About the 2000 Election - Fraud On Both Sides

I have always wondered about the election of 2000, when Al Gore was defeated by George Bush.  If you remember, Al Gore challenged the election results by calling into question the results of the vote count in four Florida counties. 

The reason Al Gore wanted recounts in these four counties was because he knew that the Democrat Party, who we all know is a party run by people who have absolutely no moral character, had "stuffed" the ballot boxes sufficiently enough to guarantee a nice win.

But, when the election was over, and Bush was the apparent winner of the electoral votes in Florida, the Democrats were furious!  Why? Because the Republicans had beat them at their own game! Not only had the Democrats "stuffed" the ballot boxes, but so had the Republicans.  The Democrats just knew they could prove that the Republicans had cheated.

So, Al Gore requested a recount of votes in the four counties that mattered.  If he could find a few more votes in these counties, he could win the national election. 

As is the case with the Democrats, who we have established as being a party without scruples, whenever they contest a vote they have lost, they always have a way of finding more and more votes until the election is turned in their favor.  But the voting was stopped.  If it had continued, Al Gore would have won the presidential race through fraud (because he would have secretly added more votes for himself).  But, as we have said, the Republicans in 2000 were better at fraud than were their opponents.  Therefore, Bush became the president.

(Of course, I state this as my own personal beliefs and have no evidence that such is the case.  This is opinion.)

Friday, October 11, 2013

When Industrial Employees Clean Up Their Language

I was at an industrial facility today installing door hardware.  The area I was working in was the office area that oversees plant sanitation.  About twelve people were standing around listening to what appeared to be a supervisor.

"Okay, everyone. Gather round.  Okay.  We've got something serious to talk about.  There has been a problem in our department having to do with the use of cursing in and around the plant.  People are noticing what is being said."

"Well, John, I don't cuss," Said one girl.  "You don't hear me saying anything!"

"I am not talking about you; but some are really overdoing it. So, we have got to stop it. So, let's make an effort."

"Maybe we could designate a person to remind us regularly that we are cussing!" said another girl.

"Hmmm," said the overseer. "I guess I should take that role then."

At this point, another woman replied, "But, that doesn't make sense.  You're one of the ones who cusses!"

Friday, September 27, 2013

The Chastity Belt Locksmith Postcard!

Here is one I sent out recently!  Thought you would like it! Maybe I ought to go into advertising!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Check Out This Locksmith Postcard!

I am always looking for a way to have my target clients keep the postcard I send them. At least, I would like them to show it around the office.  How do you like this one?

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

When Your Art Stinks, Can We Call It (F)Art?

Why are all the great artists Odd?
Paul McCarthy is one of those guys who gets away with a neat piece of art every now and then.  When he was working with Jason Rhoades he did manage to make a pretty neat snail.  Whether it was great art or just something that looked like a Disney World attraction ride car is for you to decide.

But, in 2008, Paul McCarthy designed a huge inflatable piece of human waste. It was on display in Switzerland.  But when strong winds came, the piece of, uh, art, broke loose from its moorings, brought down some power lines and broke a window in a children's home.

After all was said and done, Paul McCarthy's inflatable turd was just another attempt to substitute crap for art.